Had Enough of Speaking for "Exposure?"

Sound familiar...

  • I know I should be charging more for speaking but I'm not sure how to set pricing that honors the value I provide while also considering the event planners budget.

  • I know my content is valuable, but I don't know exactly what I should be saying to turn audience members into clients.

  • I often agree to speak for free in hopes of gaining exposure for my business, but this strategy is not moving me any closer to accomplishing my financial goals.

  • I don't have a system in place to regularly secure speaking engagements. In fact, I don't know where I should be looking or what to say to secure engagements even if I did!

Hey Savvy Entrepreneur,

Are you tired of sharing your message for free?

I get it. Often we are told as speakers that sharing our message without charging is a great way to get the word out about our business. We're told how we should speak for free because it is a great way to expose our brand to new audiences and that we will likely get new customers from the crowd. 

Except it never really works out like that, does it? 

What typically happens is you spend hours preparing your presentation, you give a dynamic presentation, people from the audience come up to you afterward to tell you how much they enjoyed your talk - but you make little to no sales! 

I promise you there is a better way. 

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine receiving $1k, $2k, $3k, $4k or more for giving the same presentation you've been giving for free. 

Now imagine in addition to being paid for the speaking engagement, you also gain several new clients from the audience members who heard your speech. 

Can you see how this can have a major impact on your business and bottom line?

Hey Savvy Entrepreneur,


You know how I know? Because I've done it.

My name is Summer Alexander and I am the founder of Simply Marketing Solutions, LLC. a boutique consultancy where we provide integrated marketing services for businesses, local government, corporations and nonprofit organizations. 

So as you can see speaking is not my primary business. Speaking is however, the primary strategy I've used to grow my company from only $26 to an over six-figure and growing business. 

In fact, prior to starting my business the idea of standing on a stage talking to people horrified me! I am a true introvert who has learned to bring out my inner extrovert on the stage. 

Let me tell you if I can do it, you definitely can. 

Speaking has had such a positive impact on my business that I've made it my mission to teach as many entrepreneurs as I can get to listen, how they can do the same.


Let me show you an example from my business:

  • I was hired to conduct a 6o-minute keynote presentation for $2500.
  • Attendees of my presentation hired me totaling $5,000.
  • I received glowing feedback from the audience and the event coordinator who hired me, wrote me a glowing recommendation. (Which I now feature as a testimonial to book more speaking engagements!)
  • The event coordinator referred me to a colleague who in turn hired me for another $2500 speaking engagement.
  • One 60-minute presentation netted me $10,000!

Now imagine putting this on repeat throughout the year! 

It does not matter if you've never been paid to speak before. If you have a product, service, book, or program and you are a business owner, coach, consultant, freelancer or industry expert you can use speaking to grow your platform.

The Path to Speaking Success

The Path to Speaking Success

When implemented correctly, speaking can give you the leverage to:

  • Attract new clients and customers for your business

  • Fill your programs, workshops & courses

  • Be featured on television and in print media

  • Use your speaking platform to sell your book

  • Be seen as a thought leader and go to expert in your industry

  • Collaborate with other experts in your industry

  • Add thousands of dollars to your bottom line $$

I have developed a step-by-step system comprised of EVERYTHING I've learned to use speaking as a marketing strategy to grow my business.

This system is actionable, profitable, sustainable and REPLICABLE.

I have included ALL of the exact strategies, systems, tactics, templates, and resources you need to start speaking to grow your business. 

I've packaged everything up into one signature program that you can get started on right away.

Present for Profit

A virtual step-by-step program for entrepreneurs who are ready to grow their BUSINESS, BRAND, & BOTTOM LINE with SPEAKING.

The program walks you through developing a complete speaking plan to ensure you are reaching the right audience, with the right message, at the right time.

Worksheets, templates, outlines, pitch scripts, marketing strategies, resources.


Here's What's Included







The Sessions

  • 1
    Start Here
    • Welcome Message from Summer
    • How to Navigate this Course
    • Present for Profit Manifesto
  • 2
    Session 1 - Identify Your Ideal Client
    • Session 1 Start Here
    • Ideal Client Workbook
    • 1.1 Ideal Target Client
    • 1.2 Ideal Client Avatar
    • Wrapping up Session 1
    • Ideal Client Checklist
  • 3
    Session 2 - Core Marketing Message
    • Session 2 Start Here
    • Core Marketing Message Workbook
    • 2.1 Develop Your Core Marketing Message
    • Wrapping up Session 2
    • Core Marketing Message Checklist
  • 4
    Session 3 Create Your Signature Talk
    • Session 3 Start Here
    • Signature Talk Workbook
    • 3.1 How to Create Your Signature Talk
    • Wrapping up Session 3
    • Signature Talk Checklist
  • 5
    Session 4 Pricing
    • Session 4 Start Here
    • Pricing Workbook
    • 4.1 Pricing Your Presentation
    • Wrapping up Session 4
    • Pricing Checklist
  • 6
    Session 5 Creating Your Email Pitch
    • Session 5 Start Here
    • Creating Your Email Pitch Workbook
    • 5.1 How to Create Your Email Pitch
    • Email Pitch Templates
    • Wrapping up Session 5
    • Email Pitch Checklist
  • 7
    Session 6 Creating Your Speaker Marketing Plan
    • Session 6 Start Here
    • Speaker Marketing Plan Workbook
    • 6.1 How to Create Your Speaker Marketing Plan
    • How to Find Speaking Engagements
    • Wrapping up Session 6
    • Speaker Plan Checklist
  • 8
    Additional Resources
    • Monthly Q&A Calls
    • Speaking Proposal Example
    • Speaking Fee Template
    • Onesheet Examples
    • Speaker Demo Example
    • Speaker Onesheet Design Discount for PFP Members
    • Next Steps
  • 9
    Bonus Training Videos
    • How to Develop Content for a Presentation
    • How to Pick a Speech Topic
    • How to Have More Confidence When Speaking

Client Love

“Summer Alexander’s Present for Profit classes have been a big factor in my success. After participating in the training, I was able to book several speaking engagements and significantly increase my bottom line. Summer also helped me to develop my speaker proposal which helped to secure Spike Lee’s 40 Acres and A Mule production company as a client and landed me an opportunity at a huge annual expo which I have participated in for the past 5 years. Summer is genuinely excited to help others and I look forward to continuing to work with her going forward."”

Deborah Gary, Paint on Me Inc.Deborah Gary, Paint on Me Inc.

“Working with Summer has been one of the best investments I have made for my business and my personal development. Summer helped me to gain clarity around my target audience, I gained great insights into why my clients and future potential clients purchase my type of services through the development of my target market survey, and I no longer waiver on the price points set for my services. What I have to offer is valuable! Summer is great to work with, very responsive, and genuinely concerned about the success of my business.”

Gwendolyn Young, GL Young ConsultingGwendolyn Young, GL Young Consulting

“Summer presented during our Women in Business Summit. Summer was by far received as one of the best speakers during our day which contained a number of high-profile presenters. Summer’s presentation titled From $26 to Six Figures was not only fun, engaging and inspirational but it was practical! Many of our attendees stopped me on the way out the door to compliment us on having Summer. In fact, in our survey sent out, Summer scored the highest as having the most engaging presentation. Summer is a pleasure to partner with and I would highly recommend her to any organization looking to inspire their customers or staff.”

Shandra Richardson, Sunshine EnterprisesShandra Richardson, Sunshine Enterprises

“"The Illinois Small Business Development Center at Kankakee Community College held a small business expo where Summer was our morning keynote presenter and what can I say other than she was spectacular!!! Held the audience for the entire time and provided a wealth of knowledge. From the reviews, she definitely exceeded their expectations! Would love to have her present on other topics! " ”

Ken Crite, SBDC KankakeeKen Crite, SBDC Kankakee

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